Maureen Carefoot

Lives in Kelowna, B.C.

I was born in Hastings, Sussex, UK. Since then, I have lived in Scotland, various parts of England, Malta, and New Zealand, and ultimately arrived in Canada in 1980. I moved from Winnipeg to British Columbia in 1985.

I started my creative artistic journey in Williams Lake with the Emily Carr Outreach Program, working mainly in charcoal, pastel, and watercolour. With a move to Nelson in 1988, my creative pursuits changed to Quilting and then to Fibre Arts/mixed media.

After moving to Kelowna in 1998 I continued with Fibre arts and started a business in Longarm Quilting (Black Rabbit Longarm Quilting Services). I remain a member of the Fibre Arts Network (FAN) and have exhibited in galleries and juried exhibits.

Following a brief sojourn in Manitoba, I returned to Kelowna in 2012 and developed a renewed interest in painting, and soon decided that my preferred medium is acrylic paint. Live and online workshops and mentoring from other local artists have helped greatly with my development. I became a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA-COC) and an active member in 2017. This has allowed me to learn from the local excellent artists and provided opportunities to participate in several local and provincial art exhibitions.

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